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Benefits to Mortgage Debt

In order to buy a house, most Americans take on a mortgage loan. While debt is usually to be avoided if possible, when it comes to a mortgage there may actually be some financial benefits for borrowers. Liquidity If you dump all your extra funds into paying off your mortgage, you may be in a tight spot if you face a financial emergency. Family deaths, divorce and health traumas are just a few things that can quickly rack up enormous debts. If you do not have a sizable emergency save up and you have been sinking all disposable cash into your home, you may end up selling your home to pay f...

June 5th, 2019 | Debt, Credit, Mortgage, Benefits to Mortgage Debt

Rent or Buy?

  There are so many great reasons to own your home: Stability: Through your mortgage, you control the cost for 30-years! Equity: An increase of value over time gives you a very nice bonus when you sell. Tax benefits: You will get a larger income tax refund each year when you own a house. Try our rent versus own calculator: http://bit.ly/GunlMortRentCalc Let’s get started today! Just fill out my application and I’ll do the rest! http://bit.ly/GunlMortAppl    

June 2nd, 2019 Rent or Buy?